Shampure compositon
Have you ever experienced the aroma of AVEDA’s signature Shampure Shampoo, Conditioner or Candle? If not you are truly missing out on what is bar-none the most requested product based on scent that we offer!



AVEDA’s pure flower and plant essences have been blended together perfectly in this relaxing aroma. On top of the products already available we now offer Shampure Composition & Shampure Hand Body Wash.

Shampure Composition can be used as an essential bath oil, for massage, relieving tension or to remove eye makeup (a favorite use of mine!)


The Hand & Body Wash can be used for the obvious, but it also creates quite a bit of “bubble” for your bath and makes shaving your legs an aromatic experience. This was one of our HOT limited edition sellers last holiday season and is now a permanent part of our line – YES!