Caring for the world we live….

The magnitude of Typhoon Haiyan and its impact on communities in the Philippines is almost unimaginable.  The full extent of the destruction and loss of life is still unknown, however the extreme need for immediate humanitarian relief is clear.

For that reason, Aveda will be making a $40,000 contribution to Oxfam’s relief efforts through our Earth Month partner Global Greengrants Fund.  Oxfam is focused on delivering safe drinking water and sanitation facilities to 20,000 families in four of the areas that are the most affected by this disaster.  This includes the delivery of sanitation kits containing drinking water, water sanitation tablets, hand sanitizer, hygiene education, and latrines.  In addition, Aveda is donating two pallets of shampoo and conditioner to our local partner Hope for the City to be shipped to the Philippines to aid in relief efforts.

As the impact from the superstorm continues to be assessed and recovery plans start to develop, Aveda will work closely with Global Greengrants Fund and other partners to determine how we can best support the long-term recovery efforts.  We will continue to inform you about our plans as they take shape.