Second to last day here in Santa Monica and it is amazing how fast it has gone by.  We have learned and re-learned so much in such a short amount of time.  Our instructor, Tina, talked in depth about all of the different techniques we have at our disposal and how they are all achievable with scissors.  Below is a great example of Tina’s model and she is using a slide cutting technique to give the nape a soft finish like a razor but without leaving the ends frayed.  Tina is so european she describes it as , ” the cream on the cake “.         photo-16   We were also worked on own models.  Cindy did an amazing cut on a man with curly hair.   Here is a picture of my model completed.  We cut 16 inches of hair that she donated to locks of love. !  Although a pretty standard cut it is amazing all of the different angles and ways you can reach the same outcome.  I do have to say the Vidal way is much more technical making for a more precision cut and a better grow- out.   photo-19     Cindy and I wrapped up our day with dinner at a sweet little spot called Sugarfish and talked over dinner how excited we are to get home and work.  Tomorrow is our last day and lets hope we saved the best.